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The hallmark of Kal Disability is stellar service at every level – in our client relationships, quality and ease of service, and comprehensive, compelling applications. 

the process

From Start to Finish

Kal Disability places great value on our service relationship with our clients. We’ll hold your hand throughout the process until you get the benefits you deserve. 

initial consultation

Kal Disability will run you through a series of pointed questions to glean the information necessary for an on-target assessment whether you meet the OPM Disability Retirement eligibility criteria. Though we only take cases that have strong merit, you will gain valuable information for how to proceed regardless of the strength of your case. 


formal agreement

When you sign up with Kal Disability, you will gain access to an experienced team of individuals who will be working assiduously on your behalf and will be available for any question or concern. 

applicant's documentation

OPM requires an applicant for Disability Retirement to complete several documents and provide specific evidence. Kal Disability’s cutting-edge system enables you to complete these documents with ease and without confusion. 


OPM places significant weight on the medical opinion and evidence submitted with each OPM Disability Retirement case. To give your application an immediate advantage, Kal Disability partners with your medical professional to produce a statement that directly appeals to the eligibility criteria. 


Based on the specifics of your case, Kal Disability will advise you regarding the precise documentation that will position your application for optimum success. 


If you are a current federal employee, Kal Disability will submit your application to your agency, who will add documents to your package and submit your application to OPM.

If you have been separated for more than 30 days, Kal Disability will reach out to your agency to request these completed documents, negotiate for updates if necessary, and submit your completed application package to OPM.  


Within several months, you should receive a decision from OPM, and join the ranks of satisfied Kal Disability clients!

In the event that your application is not approved, Kal Disability will analyze the decision, identify the issues and assist you with filing a reconsideration appeal – at no extra cost. 



What to Expect


Do it simple. You can choose to pay our flat fee up front. 



Sign up for an easy payment plan and spread out the payments over an extended period.

100% money back guarantee

In the unlikely event that your application is ultimately not approved, we will refund 100% of your payment. 

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