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Kal Disability is comprised of a skilled team of experienced professionals whose primary goal is to help you win the benefits you deserve – and make the process of getting there unequivocally smooth and stress-free.


Nosson Dubin

Nosson Dubin


Cyril Dubin

Cyril Dubin

Managing Partner | Lead Disability Specialist

01. Strategic

Each applicant has a unique situation with varied factors that affect their disability retirement eligibility. After all details are considered, a customized approach is developed to position your case for success. 

02. Professional

We treat each applicant with absolute respect, and each individual case as priority. Clients are kept informed throughout the process, with our systemized methods maintaining absolute transparency and efficiency. 


03. Accessible

We pledge to be there for you from beginning to end, responding to any question or concern that you may have along the way. Our clients know that they can rely on the Kal Disability team to resolve any issue.   

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our incredible success rates are no stroke of luck; it’s our carefully formulated method combined with experience that produces the results you want!


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Money Back Guarantee


What We Do Best


Once you’re in the capable hands of Kal Disability, you’ve handed over the burden – we take responsibility for the documents, the deadlines, and getting it done. 

inspire confidence

Our initial evaluations are anything but perfunctory. If we accept your case, rest assured we strongly believe in a positive outcome.  

organized efficiency

Keeping track of the myriad details is our job. Our clear, organized system will make it look so easy, you’ll think there’s nothing to it!


persistent determination

Kal Disability fights to win your case, only submitting your application once we’ve ensured any potential holes have been plugged airtight. 



Our sophisticated client portal is easily accessible and provides real-time tracking on the progress of your case. 

compassionate service

Kal Disability firmly believes that every individual is worthy of respect, disabled or otherwise, and our manner of communication is reflective of this ethos.  

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Kal Disability 


PHONE: 800-661-0989

EMAIL: [email protected] 

address: 2401 Fountain View Dr Ste 461-28, Houston,TX 77057

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